Falling Up

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I think, I think. I'm jealous, I'm bitter. I'm a wildchild and love spontaneity. I like things that are witty and things that leave me in deep thought. I'm indecisive as ever. I have a weakness for beautiful, broken things and guys that no one else understands. I'm critical, but mainly of myself.
Clearly I overanalyze everything.

I'm Kelsey. 21. Boston born and raised, just finished living in Germany for a year,
and now I'm in my final year at Texas Tech University.
Talk to me.


turn ons: garlic bread

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and she said “hey ramblin boy, now won’t you settle down, Boston ain’t your kindof town, there ain’t no gold and there ain’t nobody like me. I’m the number one fan of the man from Tennessee.”

Two of my loves. See you Friday, Wade

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